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Award Winning Photographer
Fine Art Printing - Giclée
Gallery Quality Premium Printing Services
Assistance With Print/Paper Choices
Image editing (crop/tone/colour processing/etc.)
Canvas Printing
Large Format (up to 66 inches wide - even larger...)
Framed/Un-Framed/Image Wrap/Etc.
Matte/Luster/Gloss Protective Finish
Reproduction of Original Artwork
Create a High Resolution Digital Copy/Print from your original
Reprint on Archival Canvas or Papers (matte/luster)
Digital Re-Touching or Restoration as required
Restoration of Original Artwork
Create a restored high resolution digital Copy/Print from your original
Digital Re-Touching or Restoration as required
Reprint on Archival Canvas or Papers (matte/luster)
Fine Art Paper Prints
Large Format (up to 66 inches)
Archival Papers by:
Canson (luster)
Hahnemuhle (rag/matte)
Premium Quality - Rich Colours, Fine Detail
Customized Digital Image Editing Services
Re-sizing Small Originals to Large Prints
Retouching, Toning, Colour Processing
Training - Lightroom and Photoshop
Individual or Classroom
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Jeff Gardner Photgraphy and Fine Art Printing

An Appreciation of Quality and Beauty

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Print Making - Fine Art vs Decor Quality

Fine Art printing applies greater emphasis to the aesthetic (appreciation of beauty and taste) as compared to “decor” prints which places more emphases on improving an environment. Although most of my prints are proudly hung in homes, their owners critically judge the piece and require a higher level quality and attention to detail. Often the prints are entered into juried shows or sold in galleries.

Higher quality is achieved by the following two factors:

Firstly, customized image adjustments are applied and the image is examined in detail to remove minor flaws and support the images best qualities. Discussions are held with the artist to reinforce the story every good print must tell.

Secondly, only the finest archival materials (paper/canvas/inks) are used to ensure that the print will stand up to years of critical appreciation.


Custom Image Adjustments

Included in the cost of every print, is 30 minutes of work to adjust the image so that it stands out. Attention to TONE (whites to grey to black) and colour treatment make each image pop. Minor adjustments (dust removal, straighten horizon, etc.) are also performed.

Archival Materials

The ink is Epsons finest (no substitutes), papers are by Hahnemuhle and Canson (gallery quality archival)

Photographic Retouching

Remove damage and yellowing from old prints and negatives. Skin retouching, removal of scratches, paper creases, water spots and other flaws on the original are all corrected

Image Re sizing

Take low resolution images and print them significantly larger - up to 66" wide or larger

Reproduction of Original Artwork

High Definition digital copies for reproduction on web sites, prints and promotional materials

Low resolution copies made available

Update your web site/social media pages with low resolution copies of your adjusted images

Canvas - up to 66 inches wide

Gallery wrap (mirrored edges), unframed or framed in black or mocha (with black edges). Larger sizes available but require special shipping.

Three year archive of your Image

Safe storage of your digital image, sell the first copy, have it reprinted later

Success Stories!

Accepted at a Show! Sell a print! Let me know, we can post it on this site.

To produce a great Print you must improve upon the Negative:

Reinforce the Story

Brighten the subject, darken the background. The foreground requires sharpening while the background requires less sharpending.

Check Negative Space

The space around and between the subject(s). Why is it there? Does it help or hurt to enforce you story?

Bright Spots Attract Attention

Do they enforce the story or distract?

Dark Areas Direct the Eye

Vignette the edges, keep your viewer focused on your art, not the piece next to it by darkening the edges to attract the eye to the bright areas (your story)

Are there distractions?

Closely examine the edges - everything belong there?

Tone - its everything

Darks and Brightness are everything - toning makes the image, otherwise its flat and two dimensional

Colour Correct?

Different lighting may require colour correction

Let me Help

For every print I consider all of these factors when making adjustments

...working together to improve your image

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I'm not the only ones excited about the prints!

... see what my customers have to say

What our Clients Say!

I just wanted to say thank you about a million times more for the print. I am thrilled with the attention you paid to the details of texturing and picking up the sunlight. Thrilled. Very glad I found you.

C. B


What our Clients Say!

Just to let you know, Jeff. When my wife got home and saw my image that you had worked so hard on, she said “Spectacular!” I agree. You did an amazing job! Thanks once again.

D. O.