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A reader would like to have Word’s auto-correct feature work elsewhere when mistyping two uppercase letters in a row.

Source: How to fix typing two capitals in a row at a word’s start | Macworld

Learn how to use these features in El Capitan to make your desktop more manageable.

Source: Hands-on with Spaces, Mission Control, and Split View in El Capitan | Macworld

Kenek – ship stuff from USA to Canada – Canadian Boarder Pickup

Source: Kinek – Alternate Delivery Network

I often receive over sharpened images from my clients.

As suggested by: http://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials/image-sharpening.htm

  • Grossly over-sharpened images can sometimes be partially recovered in Photoshop by (i) duplicating the layer, (ii) applying a gaussian blur of 0.2-0.5 pixels to this layer 2-5 times, (iii) setting the blending mode of this top layer to “darken” and (iv) potentially decreasing the layer’s opacity to reduce the effect.

Do you miss the Save As command that was replaced on the File menu by Duplicate? Many long-time Mac users do, and if the fix escaped your notice back in 2012, now’s your chance to put your Mac back the way you want it.

Source: Put Save As Back on the File Menu

Put the “R” on the Right and use it as a separate strap put over the head in the same orientation.

Source: BlackRapid.com Home of The Original Camera Sling™ – Videos

• Option + “[“ or “]” (Mac) | Alt + “[“ or “]” (Win) targets the layer above or below the currently targeted layer.

• Option + Shift + “] “or + “[“ (Mac) | Alt + Shift + “] “or + “[“ (Win) adds the next layer up or down to the targeted layer(s) (note when you get to the top or bottom of the layer stack, Photoshop will “wrap around” to continue adding/subtracting layers).

• Option  + “,“ or “.”  (Mac) | Alt  + “,“ or “.” (Win) targets the bottom/top -most layer.

• Option + Shift + “,“ or “.”  (Mac) | Alt + Shift + “,“ or “.”  (Win) targets all layers that fall between the currently targeted layer to the top or bottom of the layer stack.

Note: these shortcuts are essential when recording actions as they help to select layers, but do not record the specific “name” of the layer in the action.


Source: http://blogs.adobe.com/jkost/2015/11/more-shortcuts-for-targeting-layers-via-the-keyboard-in-photoshop.html

Testing shots in Folder: 2015-11-18 Absolute Avenue Mississauga

Even though J. Kost stated that LR uses on two shots, I ran a 5 shot HDR through (-2,-1,0,+1,+2) using LR and 5 seem to have a smoother tonal result.


1,2,3,4,5 processed by LR HDR and it is the best. 1-5

1,5 processed by LR HDR 1&5 and its tone is not as smooth as using 5 shots

1,2,3 processed by LR HDR 1-3 and its  dark as only the -2 to 0 ev were used.  Still I like that version because I like darkness.








For some reason lightroom  keeps forgetting the settings on the import dialog boxes.  I set the options I want, but they are forgotten when I go back and do another Import   (sort order and organize into one folder are always unselected). In order to fix this create a new preset with the sort order and organizing to one folder selected and save the preset.

The next time you use the import dialogue the import settings on the screen will default to none however the sort order and the organize into one folder is retained from one session to the next.


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