My Experiences Testing Capture One Pro 10

I am considering switching from Lightroom 6 to Capture One Pro 10.  As I find points of interest I will update this post. Here are the reasons I am considering changing:

  1. Lightroom is too slow at importing and culling.  A job that I don’t like doing and dragging it out with “loading … Loading … Loading…  is just too painful.
  2. I find LR editing too basic – especially for sharpening and noise reduction.
  3. I would not mind getting rid of the $15 per month fee – Capture One was a one time payment $363 CAD (Feb 2017)

My Findings to date with C1 Pro:

2017 03 14

  1. It crashes about once per day – although in ver specific areas which I can sometimes avoid.  So far nothing has been lost.
  2. Its faster at importing and culling (by far) for me but slower at some editing tasks such as local adjustments.
  3. Sharpening and noise reduction are far superior to any other product I have used.
  4. Its not easy to learn – there are a lot of approaches build into the tool that are great and made for professional photographers, its just hard to wrap your head around the details and shortcut keys.