Helpful Hints on File Formats and Resolution

Preparing an Image File for Print

  1. Send the highest quality file you have (generally the largest file size). Don't reformat a JPEG to TIFF, it will just lose some detail.

  2. If you use Lightroom, export the file as a TIFF.

  3. Lightroom Export Settings for Tiff


  4. If you are using Photoshop (any version including Elements) :

    1. Save the file as TIFF. If you are confident about your technical skills (noise reduction and sharpening), you can flatten the image, but I would prefer the layered file if you can send it. Some folks send me 50 meg files, that's OK.

    2. Don't resize for printing (Epson uses 360 PPI not 300) so don't change the Pixels Per Inch setting. I use professional software to re-size and sharpen.

    3. Don't change the image size.