Reproduce Your Artwork

Digital Reproduction of Your Artwork

Many artists require high resolution digital copies of their artwork for their portfolio, web site, promotional material etc.

High quality scans or photographs of your original artwork (canvas, acrylic/oils, photographs, sculpture, family heirloom, jewelry ...). Accurate colour reproduction. Images behind glass also can be successfully copied. Large pieces may be photographed in situ.



Files are optionally provided in any common format (tif, jpeg ...) in lower resolution for the web. Printing services available at standard costs using a standard variety of print surfaces (canvas, paper, metal, acrylic)

Cost: $80 per original which includes minor retouching (spot removal, colour balance). Major editing services available at $80.00 per hour (half hour increments).

Reproduced under glass

The above photo was taken from a very old original photograph framed under glass. Town of Cobourg ON - Victoria College after WW II.